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Introduction to the area of study

Possible aims for the visit

  1.     Identify features of a particular marine animal, its habitat and requirements by designing an     environmental sand castle

  1.     Study behaviours of specific species such as birds on the beach

  1.     Observe the variety of material that is washed up on the beach

  1.     Identify what makes up sand on the beach

  1.     Study a sand dune ecosystem

  1.     Identify the effects of climatic changes on the beach and surrounding areas

  1.     Identify how human activity affects the beach

  1.     Build a sculpture using sand and other material found on the beach

  1.     Observe wave patterns and design simple structures to deflect waves

  1.     Observe the range of colours on the beach and rock platform

  1.     Play games that have a marine/environmental theme

Work sheets are available from Bunurong Coast Education  for all the activities listed above.