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Forests and Woodlands Ecosystems......

Introduction to the area of study

The forest reserve adjacent to the township of Koonwarra, the open woodland in the Thompson's Estate, Inverloch, and the coastal scrub near Screw Creek at Inverloch, provide a variety of ecosystems for investigation.

Each area has been protected as an established reserve but the development of adjacent land for housing and farming has had a big impact on the survival of native species.

These areas are easily accessible and have parking, picnic and toilet facilities nearby.

Possible aims for the visit

Work sheets are available from Bunurong Coast  Education (BCE)

for the activities listed above.

Time required

Depending on your focus and the year level involved, these activities would easily fill a day excursion, particularly if you also intended to study other coastal ecosystems within the area and visit the Shell Museum at the Bunurong Environment Centre, Inverloch.

Equipment required

To carry out studies within the distinct ecosystems the following equipment would be useful:

BCE provides some materials in consultation with visiting schools.