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Corner. Ramsay Bvd. & The Esplanade, Inverloch 3996. Victoria.

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Introduction to the area of study

The sandstone rock platforms of the Bunurong Coast contain the highest diversity of intertidal and sub-tidal invertebrate species along the Victorian coastline.

These include brittle stars, sea stars, sea cucumbers, barnacles, sea anemones, chitons, gastropods and bivalves. There is also an abundance of seaweeds and sea grasses.

The rock platform at Inverloch on Anderson's Inlet is ideal for visiting school groups as the area is sheltered from the open ocean, easily accessible from parking areas and close to toilet facilities.

Possible aims for the visit

* Work sheets are available from Bunurong Coast Education

for the activities listed above

Timing is important!

The best time to visit the rock platforms is in the hour either side of low tide. This lets students see a much greater range of species, including those that inhabit the low tidal zone. Allow at least an hour to explore the area in detail.

Tide times are available online from the Bureau of Meteorology. (To calculate the tide times for Inverloch, check the times for Port Phillip Heads and add 20 minutes,or 1:20 during summer.)

Equipment required

Students should wear sturdy shoes (no thongs or bare feet) as the rock platform contains jagged rocks and shells and can be quite slippery. Students should also wear sun protection.

Recommended resources

    Rockpooling Around the Bunurong - Eagger & Rowe, $6

    Our Coast - CD, $10

    Environmental Activities around Inverloch - SGCS, $5

    Beachcombing Guide for South Gippsland Coast Areas - leaflet, $1

    Shells of the Inverloch Area - leaflet, $1

These resources are all available from the

Bunurong Environment Centre, Inverloch.


Teachers and students are reminded that activities involving the collection or removal of any material, including animals, plants, shells, rocks, sand or seaweed, are not permitted within the Bunurong Marine National Park.

Watch the excitement during a Rock-pooling adventure in this VIDEO