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 About Us 

Finding Inspiration in every turn

South Gippsland Conservation Society Inc. is dedicated to advancing the conservation of Australia's natural resources, with a specific focus on the South Gippsland region. Our mission includes fostering environmental education, preserving and enhancing awareness of the local marine environment, safeguarding native flora and fauna, especially in South Gippsland, informing the public about the region's natural attractions and conservation efforts, collaborating with relevant conservation groups, and taking proactive measures as needed to fulfill their overarching goals.


For nearly 50 years South Gippsland Conservation Society has successfully applied for grants to create walking tracks and boardwalks, re-vegetate areas of public land, and publish books, maps, posters and pamphlets. The value of these grants has been matched by hours of voluntary labour on weeding, planting and constructing, writing submissions, and serving on committees and advisory groups. The Society manages the Bunurong Environment Centre in Inverloch and employs an Education Officer who works with visiting school groups and the community. We hold regular activities that enhance our community's knowledge of the local environment.

Purpose and Vision

We provide a community for enthusiastic people, committed to inspire, educate, advocate and act to ensure the protection, regeneration and climate adaptation of the lands and waters on which we live.   We seek to

  • Respond to the climate emergency and extinction crisis by thinking globally and acting locally

  • Provide opportunities, information, and ideas for participation in local Citizen Science projects that further the evidence base for protection of species

  • Continue to have a retail and educational space in Inverloch from which to offer authentic ‘communal learning by doing' activities that localise our issues and concerns and seed the spread of environmental ideas

  • In the face of the climate emergency, provide expertise, in conjunction with other conservation bodies such as PICS and FOTP, on the protection, regeneration and climate adaptation of the South Gippsland and the Bunurong/Bass coast environment

  • Be acknowledged as local experts and thus partners of government in problem solving and planning on conservation related matters;  influencers and information sources rather than stakeholders to be consulted

  • Harvest the learnings from our 50 year history, and tell the story of local champions and the impact they can have on conserving the natural world.

Executive Committee
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John Cuttriss


Jonathon Upton


Ed Thexton

Vice President

John Cuttriss

Ordinary Members

Alison Brewster

Glenn Morris

Richard Perry

Ed Jensen


Nigel Murray


Jennifer Murray

Special Projects

Philip Heath


Yvonne Kidd

Auspiced Organisations

South Gippsland Conservation Society is proud to auspice local community organisations and is grateful for their support and efforts.

Bass Coast Climate Action Network is a network of community members concerned about climate change impacts on the Bass Coast. We are working together for positive solutions and encourage all levels of government to urgently act on climate change.


Save Western Port Woodlands advocate for an end to sand mining in Bass Coast's rare coastal forests and woodlands, and advocate for the gazetting of all reserves and remnant bushland to protect the ecological, educational and cultural heritage values of the woodlands and forests.


Plastic Free Bass Coast is a group of people who care about Bass Coast and want to do something to protect it from the damage that plastic can do. Michelle Ward is the contact for PFBC: 0418 567 997.

Let’s Work Together

Members are the lifeblood of the South Gippsland Conservation Society.

Annual subscriptions support and sustain the Society's work. 

By joining the SGCS you also become a member of the Australian conservation community.

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