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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

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Redevelopment of Inverloch Marine Site

We are reaching out to you to let you know the current status of our VCAT application to appeal the Bass Coast Shire Council Notice of Decision, and to update you on some recent actions we have taken in the hope of enlisting wider support against the redevelopment. To those of you who were objectors this message is especially important.

In October our representatives, and those from the developer, The Forte Group, and the Bass Coast Shire Council, took part in a Compulsory Conference arranged by VCAT to determine whether there was any potential to reconcile any of the grounds concerning either the building form or the permit conditions.

Although the conference was largely procedural, Forte Group and Council were to take some time after the conference to reflect on their respective positions with a view to offering some mutually agreed adjustment or modification that could be endorsed by VCAT and therefore reduce the probable duration of the Hearing.

However, advice now issued to VCAT by the parties has reconfirmed that no changes have arisen and that consequently we are now assuming the next time we all meet will be at the VCAT Hearing scheduled to start 30 January next year. This is scheduled to last five days.

In the meantime, to help mount the best case we can, we have invested accrued savings of the SGCS to enlist legal and urban design expertise. We will be meeting with them shortly to brief them on our position.

We have also prepared a petition at Change.Org, where we hope you will offer your thoughts on why the redevelopment should not be allowed. We have added a “Donate now to SGCS” icon on the Society’s website and set up a GoFundMe page to accept donations that can be used to help defray our costs.


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