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February 2022 - 'Rally Round Our Dunes!'

Hundreds of people registered their concern for the future of Inverloch Surf Beach at our recent 'Rally Round Our Dunes!'. A short film of the event has been produced and is available here.

  • The Rally attracted significant media interest, with front page coverage in the Sentinel-Times, on WIN News, ABC Gippsland News and 3mFM radio.

  • Background to the Rally is provided in a short Q&A; here, which describes the rapid and sustained coastline erosion that has occurred at Inverloch Surf Beach since 2012, as well as the environmental and community values that are being impacted.

  • Our refreshed Inverloch Coastal Resilience Project exhibition continues to be on display at the Bunurong Environment Centre. The petition calling for action from all levels of Government has attracted around 400 signatures to date and will be presented to elected representatives in early 2022.


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