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 Holiday Programs 

Bunurong Coast Education provides education about conservation and the environment to members of the SGCS and the broader community, through public presentations, excursions and our famous holiday program. What better place than the Bunurong Coast to study landforms and observe change?

Evolving bushland, seasonal beaches, rock shelves, eroding cliffs and a massive inlet system offer many settings to learn and consider human and natural environmental impacts. BCE educators understand our local conditions intimately. We have a range of programs suitable for all ages. 

Our programs are organised a month before the start of each school holidays and some long weekends. If no events appear below then please check in closer to the next school holidays. You can also bookmark our page on Humanitix. 

To enquire about a private group tour, please see our Schools and Groups page.


We offer a wide variety of programs during school holidays and some long weekends, suitable for all ages.

What's On 


Check back in later if no events are found.

Our Programs


Dinosaur Discovery 

Join our expert palaeontologist and be excited and inspired by the past.  They can tell you of local dinosaur discoveries and the Dinosaur Dreaming dig!  These activities are offered over three different sites with one focusing on Koolasuchus cleelandi, Victoria’s fossil emblem. 


Paleo laboratory

Learn how to find and identify Australian dinosaurs, get up to date with the latest palaeontology research and make your own dinosaur fossil! This is an indoor lab activity working on local dinosaur bones.  Suited to budding palaeontologists. 

Rockpool Ramble.jpg

Rockpool Ramble 

Be amazed as you explore our shores and discover our spectacular rock pool life.  Sea stars, crabs, marine snails, colourful seaweeds and sponges are among the rock platform diversity to be seen with your expert guide. 


Dancing with the Stars 

See stars and planets through astronomical telescopes.  Learn the apps you can use to navigate the skies.  Bring your own astronomy gear and binoculars if you have any.  In cloudy weather this activity will run as an indoor astronomical research activity at the BEC. 


Wildlife of the Night 

A guided night walk to Screw Creek to look for signs of wildlife and find out what creatures are active in the bush after the sun goes down. 


Inverloch Volcanics 

There’s more to Inverloch than dinosaurs!  About 100 million years ago volcanoes erupted in the area now known as The Caves and Flat Rocks.  Visit the sites of those eruptions to examine the volcanic geology.  You will also see evidence of earthquakes and perhaps find some fossils. 


Is there a minimum age requirement? 

This activity is suitable for school aged children, teenagers and adults.  Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult who has a ticket.  (Please note age requirements are a guide only).  Tickets are not required for children under five years old. 

What do I need to bring? 

You will need sturdy shoes for walking on wet and slippery ground, appropriate clothing and protection for the weather, water and your own transport from the Bunurong Environment Centre in Inverloch to the field site. Please bring your own torch for night-time excursions.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions? 

Please email if you have any questions. 


What if the weather is bad? 

Our activities go ahead if it is drizzling.  However, if the weather conditions pose a threat to the safety of participants we will cancel and refund your ticket fee.  In this event, we will email you so please monitor your email if the weather is bad. 


When do bookings close? 

Bookings close an hour before the event.  However, if there are insufficient bookings, the session may be cancelled several days beforehand.  So best to book early to make sure it happens. 


What is the refund policy? 

If we haven't sold enough tickets to cover our costs 48 hours prior to the event we will cancel the activity, email you and refund your money.  We may also need to cancel this event if unforeseen circumstances mean our presenter is unable to come or the weather turns nasty.  If we cancel the event, we provide a full refund.  If you cancel your ticket, you will be entitled to a full refund provided you cancel at least 7 days before the event. ​

Where do the activities take place?

Most activities start at the Bunurong Environment Centre in Inverloch. After a short introduction, your group will make their own way to one of a number of sites along the Bunurong Coast.

Thanks to an unusual set of environmental and geological conditions the range of marine life in the Bunurong Coast is diverse and unique. The area features extensive reefs and an unusually rich array of marine plants including seaweeds and seagrass. Within this area lies the Bunurong Marine National Park, stretching about 5 km from Cape Paterson to Eagles Nest Beach and 3 nautical miles out to sea.  The collection or removal of any material, including animals, plants, shells, rocks, sand or seaweed, is not permitted within the Bunurong Marine National Park.

What will the tides be?

Activities along the coast, including the Dinosaur Discovery and Rockpool Rambles, must take place at low tide. Tide times are charted here for Inverloch or can be downloaded from Marine Science Australia. (The times for Point Lonsdale are close enough to Inverloch tide times.)

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